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Proper nutrition is the determining factor in making progress to body composition and performance goals, yet it is the often most overlooked.  Whether you have fat loss goals, want improved performance or are looking for strength and muscle gains, training cannot compensate for a poor diet.  Better nutrition doesn’t start with the food, but with how you think about the food. That is why we have the Seize the Day Nutrition Coaching program.  We will teach you the best way to fuel your body, to reduce your cravings for junk foods without feeling deprived and how to lose body fat without needing to starve yourself.  We will help you build and foster a sustainable and healthy relationship with food and will have you looking, feeling and performing your best.

The Program Includes:

  • Initial consultation for goal setting, baseline measurements and photos.

  • Daily Q&A via a private Facebook group where you can ask your Coach nutrition questions and share your successes and receive support from other members in the group who are also on the same the journey with you.

  • Weekly Nutrition Classes via conference call which will cover a wide variety of topics that will help you shift your thoughts about food. We will educate you on why many of the traditional methods don’t work and teach you an approach that makes eating healthy a part of your everyday life.

  • Once a month in-person Group Coaching Sessions with your Nutrition Coach to get weighed-in and discuss any challenges you might be having implementing the program. These group sessions help keep you accountable and are a tool to guide you through the challenges you may facing.

  • A Nutrition Toolkit that will provide you with a variety of educational materials each week to help you succeed. We’ve created these special tools to help you achieve the most success out of your nutrition coaching program. 

  • Food Journal Feedback and Progress Reports from your Coach and re-assessments will be made every 4-6 weeks of your macros and plan as needed.


Program Option #1 - Macro Based Coaching Package - $129/month for a 3-month minimum commitment. This packages includes all group benefits listed above. (10% off for 3+ months paid in full)

Program Option #2 – Individualized Macro Based Coaching Package - $199/month for 3-month minimum commitment. This packages includes all group benefits listed above, plus includes private Coaching time each week (up to 20min). which is perfect for those who may require a bit more support and guidance in their journey (10% off for 3+ months paid in full)

Additional Private Coaching – $50 per 20-minute session – perfect for anyone needing extra assistance outside of their package or wanting to address more in-depth issues and needs.


This is not simply a diet plan, but a process to help you build a better relationship with food, which will allow for the greatest success in achieving and maintain goals long-term.  Our program will arm you with the skills you need for continued progress, going forward on your own.  For more information or to get started email Kathy at kathy@seizethedaynutrition.com