Nowhere else can you get as much out of an hour than with CrossFit. The movements and techniques you’ll perform, however, are sometimes complex and require a bit of learning, so for your safety, each and every new member must complete Foundations Classes prior to joining, giving you the confidence and knowledge you need to take on any WOD.

** If you’re visiting us or joining from another CrossFit and have previous CrossFit experience, contact us to see if you are able to test out of Foundations

The CFSD Foundations Class consists of four sessions over two weeks that focus on the core movements of CrossFit.  In each class, you will learn foundational movements and discuss some of the important concepts we base our training on.  Since each class builds on movements learned from the previous class, you will need to complete all four classes before joining the regular CrossFit classes.

You can choose to attend Foundation either M/W at 9am or M/W at 6pm.  We offer a make-up/review class each Saturday at 9am that you may also attend.

There is no additional charge for Foundations, as it is included in your 1st months membership.

 Foundations Class #1 Movement Videos
 Foundations Class #2 Movement Videos
 Foundations Class #3 Movement Videos
 Foundations Class #4 Movement Videos