We give ordinary people the opportunity to do extraordinary things

  • At CFSD, we don't do one-size-fits-all fitness. People of all ages, backgrounds and ability levels come to us with different needs, goals and objectives.  We believe everyone should have the chance to get into the best shape of their life, regardless of their starting point.
  • We realize that people usually don’t stick with a fitness program because they don’t enjoy it, but we will show you that being healthy can be fun and rewarding.  We will challenge you every single day in unique and creative ways that will be fun, exciting and keep you coming back for more. 
  • Our goal is to help you change your life by making you stronger, healthier and more confident than you’ve ever been...and we’re 100% dedicated to helping you achieve the results you want.  
  • The sense of community at CFSD is powerful.  CFSD is a special place filled with incredible people that have become friends and family with one another both inside and outside of the gym.  This camaraderie will give you the strength, confidence and motivation to give your best effort.