Following is a complete listing of CFSD programs.  Some programs have been temporarily suspended due to Covid-19, but will be added back onto the schedule when over time.

CROSSFIT – CrossFit classes produce incredible physical benefits and bodily changes by combining high intensity cardio, a variety of strength movements, gymnastics and more. Our focus on safety and technique makes our classes appropriate for people of all ages, levels and physical abilities. You just need to be ready to challenge yourself and willing to let us help you change your life.  
FOUNDATIONS– Foundations consists of (4) 1-hr sessions that introduce new members to some of the skills we use in CrossFit.  New CFSD members will need to complete our Foundations program before moving to regular CrossFit classes. Foundations will be taught in the 1st month of membership at no additional cost
CROSSFIT KIDS /TEENS  - Our CrossFit Kids(ages 6-12) & Teens(ages 13-15) see improvements in confidence, school performance and athleticism.  CrossFit not only provides children with an outlet to be physically active, but also instills healthy habits that they will carry with them for a lifetime. Sports specific training is available for Teams & Athletes.  

FIT OVER 55 - Fit Over 55 is a strength and conditioning class specifically designed for older adults who want to stay active and maintain a positive relationship with their body as they age.  These classes focus on truly functional fitness: increasing strength levels to build healthy bones and muscle mass and keep you remaining strong and independent for many years to come!    

BARBELL CLUB – Allows Athletes to practice the Olympic weightlifting movements (clean and jerk/snatch) and accessory work to assist in lifting technique and overall strength. 

GYMNASTICS/MOBILTY – Gymnastics and mobility establish functional capacity for body control and range of motion and when performed properly, influence every aspect of your life and have a dramatic effect on your fitness.