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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a full-body workout that builds strength while taxing your metabolism through high-intensity cardio. While other classes waste time lightly working smaller muscles for endless hours, CrossFit hits all your major muscle groups and hits them hard, providing greater results over a shorter amount of time. If you’re looking to shed weight and build endurance, CrossFit’s combination of circuit training and weightlifting is all you’ve ever wanted.


From the first moment you step through our doors, you’ll realize we’re all about making your life better. We are committed to a helping you create a better lifestyle, better relationships, and better fitness, so that you can be better at the things you love to do.

How do we do it? Our prescription is simple. We use the same functional movements that you use everyday, and we vary it so we’re ready to perform any task the real world throws at us. Ever pick up a box from the floor? You just did a Deadlift. Put that same box on a shelf? You just Cleaned it, and Pressed it, too.

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What is Foundations?

Foundations Class consists of four sessions over 2 weeks that focus on the core movements of CrossFit. In each class you will learn foundational movements and progressions from one of our amazing Coaches.  Each class will start with a warm-up followed by instruction on CrossFit Movements and/or Olympic Lifts, then end with a workout using the movements learned that day.  Each class builds on movements learned from the previous class, therefore it is a requirement that you complete all 4 classes in order before you join regular CrossFit classes.

Why do we require Foundations?

Nowhere else can you get as much out of an hour than with CrossFit. The movements and techniques you’ll perform, however, are sometimes complex and require a bit of learning. For your safety, each and every new member must complete Foundations Classes prior to joining, giving you the confidence and knowledge you need to take on any WOD.

(If you’re visiting from another box and have previous CrossFit experience, contact us to see if you are able to test out of Foundations.)

What is the class size?

Classes are kept small in order to give each person plenty of individual attention while learning these movements.

When can I start?

A new class starts at least every two weeks or when we have enough people to fill a class. Contact us to see when the next set of Foundations Classes start. If those class times don’t fit your schedule, let us know so we can make other arrangements.

Membership Options

Membership Rates -No contracts, all memberships are month-to-month.

Monthly Membership* $175 – Includes access to unlimited to any regular CrossFit classes, Open Gym, Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting and Skills classes on our schedule.

10-class Punchcard - $200 - Attend 10 classes at any time. This plan is not monthly...feel free to use whenever you want.  Includes access to CrossFit classes, Open Gym, Mobility, Olympic Lifting and Skills classes.

Single-Class/Drop-In - $25

* 10% discount for Full-Time Students, First Responders, Active Military/Veterans * Couples/Families– 20% off each add’l person
* 5% off when you pre-pay for 3 months in advance. 10% off the when you pre-pay for 6+ months in advance.
* discounts cannot be combined