Our Members

The sense of community at CFSD is powerful. It is a special environment filled with incredible people.  At CFSD you know names, life stories … you know the people. They are the same as you. They simply want to be able to do more, move better and live a better life.  

Everyone provides one another with motivation and support, so that when we’re tired and struggling, we can have the strength, confidence and motivation to give our best effort. This doesn’t happen in regular gym where no one speaks to one another or offers any help or guidance.

We aren’t just a community inside the gym.  We become friends with one another outside of the gym, too. We go places and do things together like: run races, have parties/bbq’s, compete in events and celebrate each other’s lives.  In fact, we are not just friends. We are more like one, big family. 

Join the CFSD family!