Kathleen Healy-Blasko (Nutrition Coach)

 Kathy got involved in fitness nearly 20 years ago and literally and figuratively fell in love with it.  Soon after, she became a personal trainer to help others feel as good as she did and to help them reach their goals. Kathy felt troubled though early on in her fitness career as her clients followed all of the rules that the fitness and nutrition industry put out there, but the health and wellness results weren’t coming. It wasn’t until her own health took a dramatic turn that she really woke up to the fact that everything people were being taught was wrong. She dove into the research and enrolled in nutrition school and became a certified nutrition and health coach to work towards healing herself and to teach people the true biochemical workings of a healthy body and healthy metabolism. Coach Kathy is a patient, trustworthy, and knowledgeable Coach whose mission it is to enable everyone to achieve an effortless relationship with food and to feel as good as they can…. once and for all.